Stacker Windows

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Finesse double glazed stacking windows gives you an option to open up your area of use, especially around the kitchen or courtyard which gives you simplistic but sophisticated design but also allows a wide opening to circulate fresh air also stacker windows opens the interior of your home to the outdoors to maximize your living and entertaining areas, also stacker windows are good for residential use but is more commonly found in a commercial application also Stacker doors provide more space, better access to the backyard or balcony and extra light. Much like the benefits of a sliding door where you can really open up a room, stacker doors actually allow you to control the amount of air or space that you desire

Not only does it give you the elegance by design but it all has high energy efficiency and sound reduction but you will be also extremely happy by paying less for your energy bills.

A choice of either three or six stacker windows combinations are available.

Stacker Windows AustraliaCLOSED POSITION
stacker1_finessewindowsOPEN POSITION


When closed your stacking door or window will be secure due to multiple locks that are engaged with just one handle and a key operated lock will restrict the handle from being opened.


Stacking doors and windows are great space savers. They allow for your blinds and curtains to be fully closed while the door or window remains open. Superior sliding system allows for easy and effortless operation.