Energy Rating System for Finesse Windows

Finesse Window Systems based in Australia is the leading provider of windows and doors solutions. Made in Australia with the aesthetics of European design and the durability of German hardware, Finesse Windows has made its mark in terms of quality, design, pricing, safety, and service.

In an industry that is fiercely competitive, we have been able to consistently stay ahead of the curve for more than a decade. Our team comprises of experts in the world of UV stabilised and lead-free doors and windows. Our products are 100% recyclable making them the perfect choice for the eco-friendly generation that you are.

We are compliant with the best in the industry and with all the regulations that have been put into place by the government of Australia. Whether it is for doors or windows, our certificates for security and quality are up to date and of international standards.

Some of our certificates are: NATA certification (National Association of Testing Authorities). The features of this are:

  • NATA are independent accredited laboratories.
  • Our energy efficient window systems have been certified by NATA, ensuring that they are compliant with the highest standards for energy efficiency and quality.
  • On our website, you can access NATA reports for a wide range of our windows, from sliding, tilt & turn, to our awnings, sliding wers, awning wers, and tilt & turn wers.

Our energy rating system is 2008 Wers certified and the results are disclosed at the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and compliant with the regulations. The windows energy rating system has a multitude of standards, requirements, and specifications, all of which have been passed by Finesse windows.

We also have the Bushfire rating system to which Finesse windows have a compliance rating of up to BAL 29. The BAL assessment is a rating that shows you how durable the materials are to withstand the effect of a bushfire. A rating of 29 is very high and shows the commitment that we have towards safeguarding the life and safety of our customers who may live in areas that are bushfire prone.

Our uPVC windows which are double glazed and doors are UV stabilized for Australian conditions. They are also lead free, which means you can safely install them in homes without having to worry about any lead contamination. For home, new or old, that are in a bushfire prone area of Australia, the windows and doors by Finesse Window Systems Australia will not only safeguard lives but also the property. On top of that, they will also lend an air of elegance and sophistication that will last for many years to come, while also providing tremendous energy efficiency, both in summer and winter seasons.

All of these factors to go making Finesse Windows the perfect choice for the smart Australian homeowner!

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