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Time To Swap Your Old And Boring House Door For A New And Modern Sliding Door!

A door is the first thing that someone notices about our house since it is the entry point to come inside. Therefore, the door should be trendy and stylish and should give out a bold impression about the people staying inside.

At Finesse Windows Australia, we offer a wide variety of doors to choose from which best suits your needs. Our top selling style is the sliding door as it is trendy, easy to use and convenient. A standard sliding door is usually a patio-style door unit which consists of two door panels, where at least one door panel slides open on a track. A sliding door opens horizontally by sliding along a track that it is either mounted on or suspended from. While one of the door panels stays stationary, the other opens to slide in front of it. A sliding door has two positions:

sliding doors AustraliaCLOSED POSITION
sliding doors Australia

CLOSED POSITION – When closed your sliding door will be secure due to multiple locks that are engaged with just one handle and a key operated lock will restrict the handle from being opened.

OPEN POSITION – Sliding doors are great space savers. They allow for your blinds and curtains to be fully closed while the door remains open. Superior sliding system allows for easy and effortless operation.

These ultra-stylish doors incorporates slope on inner sliding area to ensure smooth and isolated water drainage. Large metal reinforcement chambers are designed to withstand maximum wind resistance.These profiles are designed to have an impressive and harmonious view.

Sliding doors have a lot of advantages as follows:

  • They are easy to use and convenient for high traffic area as they do not need any outward or inward space to open.
  • They come with a locking system and are also secured around the frames so you can stay in peace and security.
  • They open up a lot of floor space around the house as the opening and closing of the door is done only by sliding it horizontally.
  • Sliding doors offer varieties of frames that add to the interior and exterior look of the house.

Sliding doors comes in a variety of trendy door colours. Finesse Windows Australia provides its clients with matching colors to Colourbond which are supplied and manufactured using cPVC profile. You can now match the fascia of your house to the color of the gutter and it look more appealing. The external Colourbond colors which we offer are whisper white, paperback, monument, and woodland grey.

We also offer a vast door gallery which is available at our website and you can evaluate the different work that we have done for our other clients and hence you could decide, according to your house and needs, the door that would best suit you from our side range of options.