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French Doors Australia

Finesse Windows Offers An Extensive Range of Best French Doors in Australia

French doors Australia

Finesse Windows is one of the most reputed and reliable manufacturers of French Doors in Australia. With changing times, homeowners are increasingly looking for modern-looking homes. French Doors impart an updated look to the homes. The doors allow sunlight streaming in, ensuring the ambiance cheerful and happy. While keeping the rooms well-lighted, it also keeps cold air outside, thus becoming a perfect addition to your home.

Advantages of Having French Doors

This variety of doors comes with a fair share of benefits, and this is the reason, a lot of homeowners prefers it. Besides offering the advantage of lighted space, have a look at other benefits of installing these doors.

Amazing Designs

These doors are available in amazing designs. Depending on one’s interest, taste and requirements, suitable designs can be chosen. Door designs depend on a lot on the material being chosen. In materials like wood, clad, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass, the design options are limited

Different Positions

The doors available at Finesse Windows are available in Closed and Open Positions. The closed windows comes with a latch, four roller cam locks and a deadbolt. The door can be closed using just one locking mechanism. In open positioned doors, there is a choice to keep one of the doors securely locked with only one door opening and opening both the doors thus enjoying a French Door look.

Closed position – Each door includes 4 roller-cam locks, latch and deadbolt, all of which operate from just one locking mechanism. The door can be deadlocked with a key.


French doors Australia
Open position 1 – One side of the door can be opened, while the other side remains securely locked if desired.






French doors Australia
Open position 2 – Unlocking the second door allows you to have the full effect of a French door. Both doors can be opened 180 degrees allowing for fresh air to rush in to your home. Restrictors are available for both doors, allowing you to restrict the opening to whatever angle you choose.

Raised Home Value

French door installation raises the value of home immensely. When planning to remodel your home, rely on this option as it is certain to increase the ROI to a significant extent. The upfront cost of installing these doors may be high, but in the longer run, they prove to be quite cost-effective.

Why choose Finesse Windows?

We at Finesse Windows have extensive experience that has helped us immensely to fine-tune our comprehensive range of products and services. This way, we can meet your expectations and requirements in a precise manner. We are also able to offer you real value for our products. Finesse Windows also offer a broad range of materials and designs, finishes and sizes.

Free Quote Service

When engaging us for our products and services, you can rest assured that you will get them without any fuss. Our experts will visit your home and take measurements. Accordingly, we will provide you with a free quote. This way, you can get your new, modern-looking door fitted to perfection. Once the doors are ready, our installers will come and install the new doors. In case, any resizing or trimming needs to be done, it will be done immediately and resealed, once done. You can also choose suitable door accessories at our user-friendly website- like knobs, handles and much more.

Fast Delivery

As soon as you choose your doors and accessories, it will be delivered and installed in no time. Our delivery vans will ensure safe delivery of your purchases.

In a nutshell, we offer

  • Maintenance free doors
  • Great Quality
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • Superlative Efficiency
  • Extensive Range
  • Great Price

Contact us whenever you are looking for installing French Doors in your home or office!